cold pumas and sweet williams albumscold pumas and sweet williams albums

It has been a while (kids do this to you) but at last we have some news of not one but TWO releases in cahoots with Faux Discx Records of Brighton. The first is Cold Pumas' impending sophomore release THE HANGING VALLEY out on 19 August. The second is the latest album by Sweet Williams, long time favourites of ours from Brighton, who feature Gringo alumni from I'm Being Good and Ox Scapula, as well as the main man Mr T House of the late great Charlottefield. Watch the vids below and then pre-order both albums now from the Gringo Shop!

That Fucking Tank tour 7 inchThat Fucking Tank tour 7 inch

We're absolutely thrilled to be releasing a brand new two-track single for Leeds noise-rock legends That Fucking Tank with Hot Salvation of Folkestone to commemorate their China tour in late 2015.

Two massive slabs of noise rock in the form of Chumbawambager and Pigeon Club, with Abbot's signature sprawling Baritone/Octave guitar and Islip showing a new taut restraint, ramping the dynamics of their compositions to new heights. Touches of Fucking Champs, Oxes, Trans Am and the behemoths of instrumental noise-rock are present, but TFT's roots in punk rock are always bubbling below the surface. You can pre-order the vinyl now from the Gringo Shop!

Quarter off when you spend TWENTY POUNDS in the Gringo shopQuarter off when you spend TWENTY POUNDS in the Gringo shop

GREY HAIRS "Colossal Downer"
Our newest release is the first long-player release from Nottingham quartet/self-help group Grey Hairs. Conceived as 2 EPs ("Man Gulps" and "Little Fingers") for your listening convenience (we're all busy people), Colossal Downer recalls nothing less than the pre-goldrush, anything-goes era of Nirvana before everyone got so hung up on genre definition. Rapid-fire punk rock blasters nestle up to lumbering caveman grind. Echoey surf clang shares vinyl space with riff-heavy garage fuzz. It's how records are meant to be: idiosyncratic and representative of the people who made them. Released on 170g Orange vinyl, grab one of the 495 copies while they last!

Have a watch of their excellent video for Anxiety Dream that captures a typical GY practice:

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Our friends Hello Thor will be at the first Independent Label Market Bristol this Sunday (3rd May) and they are taking a box of Gringo vinyl / shirts / totes with them. It is taking place at St Nicholas Market from 11am - 5pm so if you are in the area pop in and see them.

TFT have released a new track, currently titled 'Short', from their to-be-named next album. Please consider a 'pay what you want' download, with all proceeds going towards Macmillan Cancer Support -